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All testimonials/reviews that are on this page are 100% real. People were not compensated for these statements. I take pride in the fact that I only use truthful statements from real people.

Very, very, very good. Dispatcher Lisa L. Ottoville, Ohio

I was surprised. It was actually very, very good. Dispatcher Tina B. Lima, Ohio

Wow! This is truly a very interesting video. I am 58 years old and have never watched anything like this before. More people should watch it. Marsha S. Van Wert, Ohio

I was shocked to see the extent people would go through to store their drugs. VERY, VERY good informative video. Stephanie R. Delphos, Ohio

The best drug education video I have ever seen. Edward F. Virgina Beach, Virgina

This video is phenomenal. Very interesting and not boring in any way. Kim R. Delphos, Ohio

Very good video. All parents need to watch this. Kyle gives an insight into what is really out there, things the average parent would never know about. Caseworker Sharon F. Lima, Ohio

The Chief's video is REAL! It shows you hiding places that look like everyday items. As a parent I had NO idea of the little signs. I always expected abuse of drugs to be so evident. After watching the video I realized we all need educated. I recommend every parent, grandparent, educator, aunts, uncles and friends watch this so your eyes are opened to the drug epidemic. Educator Brenda H. Delphos, Ohio

Unbelievably awesome! Great job! I will definitely tell parents about this video. Deputy Rob B. Lima, Ohio

I found the video to be very informative and job relevant, as a fire and ems instructor. The general public would benefit from this education. Instructor Bob R. American Township Fire Department. Elida, Ohio

Second to none. Leann H. Tampa, Florida

This video is a great way to educate and raise the awareness level of all our community members. Through these kind of efforts, collectively, we can enhance the quality of life we all enjoy. Thanks for making it available. Chief Jim K. Washington City Police Department, Utah

I wish that I would have had all of this information before I lost my son in July 2011 to prescription drugs. I will encourage parents to watch this to stay informed and not be in denial! We are losing our youth to drugs and we must band together. Thank you for sharing so much useful knowledge! Kathy S. Grove City, Ohio

A great resource for parents who are clueless about how kids use and hide drugs, and let's face it, most of us are clueless about this sort of thing. Well done and informative. I learned a lot that will help me teach my health class. Thank you! Educator Jason F. Lima, Ohio

More than informative for parents, and enlightening to their children. Listen and learn from "one who's been there" on the frontlines. Great resource. Sharon B. MA, CASAC Brooklyn, New York

What you have done is fabulous. I think this has been the best informative video I have ever watched! Thank you so much for taking the time to present it to us in a way we could understand. Lori S. Van Wert, Ohio

Increasingly the home health professionals I educate are confronting abuse of drugs by our patients and members of their families. This video and website are excellent tools to help us identify illicit drug use in a down-to-earth way. It is a presentation any health care professional would benefit from watching. Thank you Chief Fittro for a quality educational program! Kathleen U. BSN RN Staff Development/QI Coordinator, Community Health Professionals of Van Wert, Ohio.

I used this video in my Level I Criminal Justice Class and the students learned a lot of new information about drugs, drug use, and drug users. I received the video for free for 7 days during a promotion and thought that it was really interesting and not the same old information that other drug prevention web sites reuse and recycle. The information about synthetic drugs was very up to date and informative. The students and I enjoyed the straightforward (but not boring) style of the video. Senior Specialist Officer P. Doss, Lynchburg VA Police Department Community Relations Officer.

I found the video to be extremely informative and as a previous addict myself it spoke directly to the spiral I went down which started with a motor vehicle accident & turned into a raging pill addiction. If I had seen this video prior to my accident I would have made much different choices I'm sure! Thank you so much Chief Fittro for putting such a great educational piece together it's an amazing tool I think all parents should watch & apply! Keep up the great work! Angel Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

I found this video to be very informative. I believe it is a must watch for parents who have tweens and teenagers in their lives. It's terrific information and presented in an interesting and informative format. The 73 minutes goes by fast! Perhaps the greatest takeaway for me was an education for what signs to look for and where to look for it at as the hiding places have become very clever. We all want to keep our children safe and away from drug use. This video will help you do that. Anne T. Decatur, GA

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