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Understanding How Drugs Are Scheduled By The DEA

September 2012---Understanding How Drugs Are Scheduled By The DEA

When a drug is outlawed by the DEA, it is placed into 1 of 5 schedules or classifications. If you read what the requirements are to be placed into certain categories, you can see sources of debate on particular drugs.

People argue some drugs should be placed in a lower schedule and some drugs in a higher schedule.

1. The drug has a high potential for abuse.
2. The drug has NO currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States.

3.There is a lack of accepted safety for use of the drug or other substance under medical supervision.

No prescriptions may be written for Schedule I substances, and such substances are subject to production quotas by the DEA.

Marijuana is a schedule 1 drug. As you can see, states with medicinal marijuana laws are in direct violation of federal law. This is many times "overlooked" by federal authorities but creates great tension between state governments and the federal government.


1. The drug has a high potential for abuse
2. The drug HAS currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States, or currently accepted medical use with severe restrictions
3. Abuse of the drug may lead to severe psychological or physical dependence.

No prescription for a controlled substance in schedule II may be refilled.

Cocaine is in this category as it DOES have an accepted medical use in surgery.


1. The drug has a potential for abuse less than the drugs or other substances in schedules I and II.

2. The drug has a currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States.

3. Abuse of the drug may lead to moderate or low physical dependence or high psychological dependence.

Popular drugs in this category----Vicodin--Anabolic Steroids

Great source of debate here. Vicodin is heavily abused and highly addictive for many people.


1. The drug has a low potential for abuse relative to the drugs or other substances in schedule III
2. The drug has a currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States
3. Abuse of the drug may lead to limited physical dependence or psychological dependence relative to the drugs or other substances in schedule III

Popular drugs in this category---- Xanax----Valium--Ambien

Another debate here. Most of this drugs are benzodiazepines.....which have proven themselves highly addictive.


1. The drug has a low potential for abuse relative to the drugs or other substances in schedule IV
2. The drug has a currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States
3. Abuse of the drug may lead to limited physical dependence or psychological dependence relative to the drugs or other substances in schedule IV.

Popular drugs in this category---Codeine--Lyrica

Chief Kyle J. Fittro

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Rapid Detox From Opiates. Can You Break The Addiction In Mere Hours?

September 2012---Rapid Detox From Opiates. Can You Break The Addiction In Mere Hours?

If you have ever been around heroin and pain pill addicts (opiate addicts) you will learn a few things about them. One of these things is that nearly all opiate addicts want to stop. They just can't. They get to the point they are doing the drug, not necessarily to get high, but to avoid the hellish withdrawal. A withdrawal that torments them to a level the average person cannot understand. This withdrawal can last for days and weeks. In limited circumstances, this withdrawal can be fatal. Stopping cold turkey works for virtually no one (in my experience).

In comes rapid medical detox. A controversial practice that claims to break the addiction in hours. Here's how it works.

A patient (addict) goes to the medical center and is placed under anesthesia. They are then given a cocktail of IV drugs that immediately strips the body of opiates and "cleans" the opiate receptors. The addiction is instantly broken. They are then given a drug, that they must use for one year, that wards off cravings. This drug comes in the form of a daily pill, or a monthly injectable, or an implanted "pellet" that is good for two months. These medical centers claims varying rates of success, but most are very high in the 55%-75% range.

Some people swear by this procedure and claim it was an "easy" way to break the opiate addiction. Others claim it is junk science. Either way, these clinics are gaining popularity all over the country. The thing is......this treatment costs between $8,700 and $15,000...depending upon which clinic you go to. Worth every penny if it works.

Do some research yourself by searching for "rapid medical opiate detox."

For another interesting topic in this "vein" click here.

To learn how to stop death from opiate overdose click here.

Chief Kyle J. Fittro

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How To Potentially Prevent Hair Loss, Halt Hair Loss Or Regrow Hair

August 2012---How To Potentially Prevent Hair Loss, Halt Hair Loss Or Regrow Hair

First let me start by saying that this article is a bit outside of the traditional blog entry for this page. I decided to research and write this article due to a number of requests for it as referenced below.

If you are female this article will probably be of little value to you. Also, if you are already "shiny bald", you will find little value here. This article is for men who predict that they will have thinning hair due to family history or men that already have thinning hair, but are not yet shiny bald.

About a year ago a friend of mine with thinning hair asked me this question, "Hey, you are a drug guru. Are there any drugs/treatments that will prevent my hair from getting any thinner?" Keep in mind this friend knows I study all types of drugs, legal and illegal. I am the nerd that reads the leaflet attached to prescription bottle from front to back. You know the one glued to the side of the bottle, that when you unfold it, it covers half your table.

Unfortunately I did not have an immediate answer for him. So, I began what ultimately became about a years worth of research to find an answer for him. I read every document, university study and piece of literature I could find on the topic. This is simply how my OCD mind works. Here is what I found. I will keep it simple and non scientific.

About 95% of male hair loss is caused by androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness (MPB). The remaining 5% is caused by traumatic injury, illness or particular medical conditions. MPB is not caused by wearing hats too much, getting your hair cut too short, coloring your hair or any other excuse men come up with. It is simply a genetic issue. It can be a slow moving process or a very aggressive process. It can start on different areas of the head. Basically, no two cases are identical. One man may be entirely bald by 20 and the other by 80. Some never bald at all.

This can come from either side of the family and is not always consistent. The old wives tale of looking at your grandpa on your mothers side, to determine your genetic hair destiny, is not always true. Some families with great "hair history" have an offspring that is bald by 20. Some balding families have an offspring that never loses their hair. Generally speaking, the men that came before you in your family tree are good indicators of where you "are going".....but not always.

Here is why:

All men have Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in their system. DHT attacks the hair follicles and cause miniaturization of each hair until it disappears for good. You see, hair doesn't just fall out. Each separate hair on your head is always in the middle of one, out of three distinct cycles. It grows (anagen 3-7 years), then it rests (catagen 2-4 weeks), then it falls out (telogen). Not all hairs are in the same cycle at the same time. They are distributed evenly so that not all is falling out at the same time. If all is well, each hair that falls out is replaced by a new, equally thick and strong hair. It is normal to lose 50-100 hairs a day and the average human head has about 100,000 hairs on it.

In the case of MPB each time a new hair grows back in, after falling out, it grows back thinner and weaker until it it's nearly invisible to the naked eye. Those are the little "peach fuzz" hairs you sometimes see on top of a bald man's head. This process can take many years depending upon the individual.Eventually even the peach fuzz goes away and that area becomes shiny bald.

So, the real "magic" is to stop DHT from attacking your hair follicles. So that each time a new hair grows in, it does so as strong and thick as the one it replaced. Some men are lucky and have follicles that are naturally resistant to DHT. These are the "old guys" that have full heads of hair. Think Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton. Some other guys have some level of DHT resistance. They don't have entirely full heads of hair at 80, but they still have a lot.

Keep in mind that every human male, may have genetically pre-programmed DHT sensitive follicles on only certain areas of his head. So, a guy may get deep "recessions" in the front but never go truly bald. A guy may lose all the hair on his crown area, but his frontal hairline stays intact.

But what about the guys that do not have any/very few follicles that are resistant to DHT, except the "monk" fringe around the sides and bottom? The monk fringe is almost always resistant to DHT in all males. What about the guys that want to lose as little hair (or none) as possible no matter what their genetic destiny is. What are they to do?

Let me caution you that there are a TON of snake oil remedies out there designed to separate you from your money. Most do not work. There are a few that are proven to work. Lets go over them.

1. Propecia (Finasteride). This is a prescription only 1mg pill that is designed to be taken once a day. It is not covered by insurance and costs $50-$75 per month. 83% of men are receptive to the pill. Meaning, it works for 83% of them. When I say works, it basically "freezes" the hair loss at it's current location and does not allow any more hair loss to occur. Or, at minimum it slows the loss greatly. A number of men have also experienced incredible amounts of re-growth. Areas that were near bald, but still had "peach fuzz", are now hair covered. This pill works by blocking DHT. There is no doubt that this pill is the best thing since sliced bread in the world of hair loss ESPECIALLY if you get on it as soon as you realize there is hair loss occurring. The average male knows his hair is thinning for 7 years before he decides to try and do something about it. Don't wait this long. However, there are a couple of negatives about this medication.

A. You must take it for about a year to truly know if it's working for you. This is due to the natural growth cycles of hair.

B. You must take it for life. Once you stop, you will lose all gains and "catch up" to the level of baldness you should have been. Meaning, a 20 year old has very minimal thinning and gets on Propecia. The drug halts his hair loss and all is well. At age 40 he decides to stop taking the drug. Within one year his hair will be where it should have been without Propecia intervention. So, he could go from good to bald, if that was his genetic destiny, once the drug is stopped.

C. This drug can have some very serious side effects in a small percentage (1%-2%) of men. The most common are loss of libido, watery semen, decreased seminal output, inability to get/maintain an erection, numbness of the genitalia, enlarged male breasts and mood disturbances such as anxiety and depression. Most men who suffer these side effects report they go away within the first 3 weeks of taking the drug. Most men also report the side effects go away if they stop taking the drug altogether. HOWEVER some men report permanent side effects such as these that never go away. Some men claim this drug has ruined their lives.

D. Many men, in an effort to lower the side effects, go out and buy a pill cutter. They take .5mg per day rather than 1mg per day. They take .5mg three days a week rather than every day. They take .25 every day. There are a hundred variations you can try. The reason men deviate from the Merck recommended dose is because of a UPenn study that found .02mg of finasteride lowers serum and scalp DHT nearly as much as the full 1 mg dose. There are also studies that claim a single dose of at least .02mg of finasteride lowers serum DHT for 4-7 days.

E. There is another drug called Proscar. This is the identical drug in Propecia (finasteride) in it's 5mg dosage used for prostate issues. Not only can DHT cause hair to fall out, it can cause enlargement of the prostate. This drug is only prescribed for prostate issues but many men get it, cut it into pieces and use it for hair loss because it's cheaper than Propecia. They generally cut it into 4 pieces. Each piece would be 1.25 mg of finasteride. There is absolutely zero evidence that more is better. Meaning, all evidence indicates that anything more than 1mg of finasteride per day is a "waste". It gives you no more benefit.

F. If you are on Propecia, and get a PSA (prostate screening exam) of any type, you MUST tell your doctor you are on the drug. Propecia can "hide" the the presence of prostate cancer. Meaning, the drug can make your test results look ok, when they are not. The doctors have a "sliding scale" to deal with this. This simply must be informed if you are taking the drug.

G. Finasteride really works and is the closest thing to a baldness cure we have, if it's taken early enough and continued for life.....BUT....be aware of the potential side effects, do your own research and consult with your physician before going on this drug. Some men claim this drug to be " a miracle drug" and other claim it has ruined their lives. This is not a decision to take lightly

H. Unless under the direct order and direction of a doctor, women should never handle pills that contain finasteride in them. Especially cut or broken pills. They can cause birth defects to the fetus of pregnant women. No evidence that a man, while on finasteride and impregnates his partner, will cause birth defects. All evidence indicates this is safe, but women should not even handle these pills. Again, consult with your doctor for further guidance.

2. Nizoral Shampoo. This shampoo can be bought at Wal Mart for about $14 a bottle in it's 1% strength. It can be prescribed to you by your doctor in it's 2% version. It's active ingredient is ketoconazole, which is an anti-inflammatory/anti-fungal. Nearly all sources swear it is also a mild anti-androgen and it helps to eliminate scalp DHT. Most sources claim that whatever hair preservation regimen you decide to follow, this product should be included. It is meant to be used only 2-3 times per week. Lather it up and leave it on your head for the entire shower. Rinse it out at the end. If you lather and rinse right away, the active ingredient does not have time to "destroy" the DHT. Nobody claims this product will help you re-grow hair. They almost all claim it will help keep what you have if used in conjunction with other therapies. This is the "backbone" of many treatment regimens for many men.

3. Minoxidil. Also known as Rogaine. Much of my research revealed that this can be a good compliment to the above listed remedies, but on it's own people do not generally report great amounts of re-growth. There are a few great success stories, but the reports usually indicate that it helped to keep what they had (sometimes) and caused some to re-grow limited amounts of hair (sometimes). Personally, I did not find enough information that caused me to get overly excited about this product on it's own. Used as part of an "arsenal" though it seems to be a good tool and more effective. Many men have seen great success using Minoxidil and Finasteride at the same time.

4. Diet. One of the most interesting things I discovered was that rural Japanese men have nearly zero MPB. Japanese men who engage in "western" lifestyles and diets have nearly identical rates of MPB as American men, but those Japanese men who stay true to rural Japanese ways and diet hardly ever lose their hair. Prior to WWII balding in Japanese men was almost unheard of. Also, rural Japanese that move to the US with a full head of hair can suddenly experience levels of MPB. Researchers have been intrigued by this for years and have tried to figure out what the difference in diet and/or lifestyle is. Most surmise it's because the rural Japanese consume high levels of two products that we do not. Green/Black tea and foods high in soy. Many studies show that when you combine a high intake of green tea, at the same time you eat foods high in soy, it seems to block DHT and prevent baldness.

I could not find any "hardcore" scientific studies in relation to this, but there is much "anecdotal" evidence that when you combine heavy tea drinking with heavy soy consumption, the rates of MPB plummet. I do not mean the sugary "tea" you buy at the convenience store. I mean the bags of tea where you brew it at home. It seems that either hot tea or iced tea is acceptable. Sweeten it with honey or molasses instead of refined white sugar in my opinion.

BUT REMEMBER......the reason they suspect soy prevents/halts male pattern baldness is because it contains an estrogen like substance (phytoestrogen) that alters the hormonal/chemical balance of the body. Radically high soy intake could potentially cause a man to "feminize" to some degree. Women rarely lose their hair because of their hormonal/chemical "construction". Things like Propecia and soy, in certain ways, aim to mimic what a woman has.....which is generally a genetic "force field" against baldness. The trick is in finding the right amounts/combinations of substances that will block DHT, prevent/halt or at times reverse baldness.....without overdoing it and causing the male to show female traits. 

5. A good multivitamin designed for men. many men choose the "prostate health" formulation because of the ingredients in it such as saw palmetto and pygeum. Again, much anecdotal evidence these substances suppress DHT as well.

Closing Thoughts-----This article is not meant to be the "be all-end all" article on hair loss. It is simply a synopsis of the things I discovered over the past year of research. Research for yourselves, talk to your doctors and make your own decisions. There is a lot of information out there and you have to decide what, if anything, is right for you. Some men find that a cleanly shaved head is the best approach of all.

There is also another possible approach to stop, slow down or reverse hair loss. Scalp exercises. I have no idea they work or not. Some swear they work. Some swear they do nothing. Here is a link to a website with all the info concerning scalp excersises. They are free, so what the heck. 

Also remember that some doctors surmise it's hard to "cheat" your genetic destiny with drugs. We can slow it down greatly, and sometimes even appear to stop it, but for the moment it seems that strong genetics will ultimately win according to these doctors. But....nobody really knows with 100% certainty. Finasteride has been around for quite some time (FDA approval for hair loss in 1997), but not long enough to know if we can truly cheat genetic destiny or not. Time will tell. Many men have been on this drug for years and it seems it's "hair retaining" ability has not lowered with time, but stays effective.

I did not include two drugs that work very well but are rarely used because of their potentially massive side effects and feminizing characteristics. They are Avodart (Dutasteride) and Oral Spironolactone. These drugs can cause more harm than good when your only purpose in using them is hair preservation. What good is a full head of hair if you are "wrecked" in other ways. Some swear by topical Spironolactone (NOT ORAL) as a great product as well. Topical Spironoloactone can be purchased online. If you are interested in Avodart or Oral Spironoloactone, talk to your doctor.

Also, hair transplants have come a LONG way in the last decade or so. The old days of "plugs" and "rows of corn" are gone. Most procedures now transplant one hair/couple of hairs at a time. I have reviewed many amazing transplant procedures while researching this article. Not everyone is a good candidate and you have to have reasonable expectations, but certainly an amazing surgical procedure if performed by a COMPETENT hair restoration surgeon on a good candidate. This is one of the few ways to really give "genetic destiny" a run for it's money. Hair is moved from the "monk fringe" area (actually called the donor area), which is almost always resistant to DHT, to the thinning/bald areas of the head. Remember, a hair transplant does not give you more hair. It just re-arranges the hair you currently have. But, the hair that is being transplanted comes from the DHT resistant area of the head. So, generally speaking, the newly transplanted hair is now "immune" to DHT and is there to stay. Hair transplant doctors almost always combine the use of Propecia with the hair transplant and sometimes a client needs more than one surgical session to get the coverage they desire. There are some very high profile hair transplant doctors that claim numerous, very well known celebrities, have had hair transplants and use some, or all, of the above listed treatments. These doctors will not reveal their clients names, but it seems the transplants that are well done, on good candidates, are imperceptible. Depending upon numerous variables, transplants seem to start at around $4,000 to $5,000 and go up from there.

Hope I helped some of you.

Do you quickly need to go from novice to "expert" in the world of drugs? www.chiefteach.com is your answer.

Chief Kyle J. Fittro

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Social Media And Crime

July 2012---Social Media And Crime

I must confess that I have never been a huge fan of social media. I have been "forced" into using certain forms of social media to communicate with people that may not otherwise receive the message. I know that I am in the minority and many people truly enjoy social media......people such as burglars, thieves and drama queens (and kings).

During the past few years I have perused hundreds of Facebook walls, posts and profiles. I have seen numerous funny 50's style e cards, pictures of many cute kids and posts of all sorts. A lot of really good stuff on there. However; what strikes me the most are all the posts where people announce to the world they are going away on vacation for two weeks. Or the posts where people show the latest greatest high dollar item they have purchased. Such as their new 52 inch flat screen. Or even better yet, posts of large piles of cash as detailed in a recent news story out of Australia, which led to a home invasion in search of the money.

It's akin to throwing bloody meat into shark infested waters.

Do some people believe that criminals do not pay attention to social media. They do. Crooks are happy that you are advertising your vacation as well. Their happiness is a bit different than the happiness your friends have for you. They enjoy the fact that people tell them when their house will be empty and for how long. They also get a kick out of knowing where that 52 inch flat screen is. Makes it much easier than randomly burglarizing houses, hoping to find one.

Burglars also enjoy the "check in" feature on Facebook. You know, the one where you post your current location and again let the world know you are not at home.

Another negative aspect of social media is the way people use it to create drama, start fights and stir the pot. I can recall a number of reports my officers have written regarding assaults, telephone harassment, menacing, stalking etc. Incidents that have been started, or have been perpetrated on Facebook, but spill over into the real world. Nasty words on Facebook that turn to bloody punches in person.

I hope people will learn to think with the mind of a burglar or thief before posting on Facebook. I also hope they learn that speaking ill of another human being from behind the safety of your computer screen, just may spill over into real life. With real consequences.

This is not the fault of Facebook or other social media. Social media has many legit applications. This is the fault of the users who are uneducated in the realm of crime prevention or too well educated in the realm of creating drama.

I am not picking on Facebook. I used this site for illustrative purposes. I could have just as easily used Twitter, Topix etc etc etc.

Do you need to quickly go from novice to "expert" in the world of drugs? www.chiefteach.com is the answer.  

Chief Kyle J. Fittro

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Why Do Some Kids Become Drug Addicts?

June 2012---Why Do Some Kids Become Drug Addicts?

What complex series of events must intertwine to create a drug addict? This answer is convoluted, and I believe not thoroughly understood by any of us.

I do not claim to have any answers, but after years of being a cop, here are my observations. Here are some of the more common building blocks that are often "used" to create a drug addict or children with varying degrees of dysfunction. These flawed building blocks are two distinct parenting styles I wish to explore here.

The Absent Parent

This is a parenting style in which the parents may be fully functional. They hold normal jobs, do not use drugs, may attend church and are well thought of within the community. They do not abuse their children and their children have all the creature comforts necessary for an ideal upbringing. But these parents are too busy chasing what they believe is success to engage the child. Or, they are simply too busy in general.

What does a child need? What do we all intrinsically need? Money, power, status? No, what human beings truly desire is to be desired by the ones they desire.The only thing which possesses true value is to be loved by those you love.

This point can be highlighted by death. All things that glitter in the world, all the things we believe bring happiness, that we seek with great energy, immediately lose their luster and importance when we experience the profound "blackness" upon the death of someone we truly love. That new car and the thoughts of a bigger house now have no allure. They don't matter anymore. They are distant, fuzzy and almost a memory, with overwhelming pain being the only thing clearly in focus. This loss is all consuming and everthing else ceases to really matter.

Alright Chief, enough philosophy...what does this have to do with me. Everything.

The absent parent is the one that never takes the time to truly connect with their child. They believe that working 80-90 hours per week to provide the child a nice house is what the child wants and needs. The child may enjoy the nice house, but the bedrock of your child's desires....are to be desired by you.For you to have time. When that does not occur, it can shatter that bedrock into thousands of sharp pieces that cut the "being" of the child.

If I ask you what is more important, your child or money? You will emphatically say your child, but then continue to live as if it's the money, the house, the cars or the vacation. Live what you say and it will yield great returns.....even when they are 17 and think you are stupid. Be there. Be involved. Connect.

The above section was inspired by my own experiences and the writings of Peter Rollins.

The "Always the Victim" Parent

This is the parent who again may be fully functional but allows their child to not be. This parent has what I call the "victim mentality". Their child is always a victim of some external evil force which seeks to destroy their child at all costs. Malevolent beings constantly harass and pick on the child. You know, horrible creatures such as the police, teachers, coaches and counselors.

Their child tries to follow the rules, tries to fit in, does absolutely nothing wrong, but is tormented anyways. It is not the fault of the child for not doing their homework, the teacher didn't give him enough time. It is not the fault of the child he was arrested for drug possession, the police planted the drugs on him. It is not the fault of the child he didn't make the team, the coach just doesn't like him.

Let me share with you an example of "standard" phone call, from this type of parent. The type of phone call almost every police department receives on a daily basis.

COP-Mrs. Jones?
COP-Hey, we have your son up here. We caught him out after curfew at the gas station. He was also caught shoplifting from there.
PARENT-No, you must have called the wrong house. My kid wouldn't do that. Anyways, he is here in bed.
COP-Ma'am, I can assure you it's him, he is here with us and you need to come pick him up.
PARENT-Look! I told you my kid wouldn't do that. Do you realize it's 1am!?
COP-Ma'am we have your son on tape stealing multiple items from the gas station and he signed a written confession. Do you realize this is the third time he has been arrested this summer?
PARENT-What!! You talked to him without me being there!? I'm calling an attorney and I demand you stop talking to him right now!
COP-Yes we talked to him. Either come get him or we will have to take him to jail.
PARENT-I'm on my way! This is a bunch of bull**it! You cops need to work on catching the real criminals and stop picking on my kid!! I am so tired of you guys not doing your job. What's the Chief's name, because I'm filing a complaint against you first thing in the morning!! Click......

Parents, I agree that we will all defend our children to the death when there is a true threat, but being a parent like this is only condemning your child to a life of disappointment and failure. Once removed from the security blanket that is mommy or daddy, they will be unable to deal with the way "non enablers" function.


It's simple. We are all guilty of these parenting styles from time to time, in little fragments. But, we need to avoid these styles in their excessive, all consuming, radical forms.

They do not always end badly. Kids have been raised under these parenting styles and turned out brilliantly. However; many young drug addicts will tell you these were/are their parents.

For some ideas on how to get kids off drugs click here.

Chief Kyle J. Fittro

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