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What Happens When You Mix Stimulants And Alcohol?

March 2014---What Happens When You Mix Stimulants And Alcohol?

Right now Heroin, and the rest of the opiate gang, are getting all the attention. However; people do still ask questions about the non-opiates. 

So, what happens when you mix alcohol with stimulants? Things like Adderall, Ritalin, Cocaine, Crystal Meth, Crack Cocaine etc. Is it dangerous to mix these?

The biggest issues here are three fold.

The first part is the potential for alcohol poisoning or overdose. When you mix alcohol with stimulants, the stimulants tend to mask how drunk you truly are. You believe yourself to be ok, or not very drunk, when in reality your blood alcohol content can be extraordinarily high. Usually when you drink too much, you know it. When using stimulants at the same time as alcohol, you may not realize how drunk you truly are. This can lead to cases of "unintentional" alcohol poisoning, overdose and death.

The second part of this equation is when the stimulant wears off. When the stimulant wears off, you will feel the full impact of how drunk you truly are. This feeling may be much more than you bargained for and can lead to all the bad things that happen to people when they are completely intoxicated.

The third part of this thing is the confusion doing this will cause within the body. When you combine a central nervous system stimulant (Adderall, Ritalin, Cocaine, Crystal Meth, Crack Cocaine etc) with a central nervous system depressant (Alcohol), the body may not know what to do. This goes back to the fact that every person will react differently to different substances and mixes of substances. The thing here is you don't want to be the person who mixes badly and has a fatal reaction.

So there you have a brief crash course on why not to mix alcohol with stimulants.

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Chief Kyle J. Fittro

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