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Legal Heroin Clinics?

October 2012---Legal Heroin Clinics?

After many years of heroin addiction, high crime rates and a general decline of certain neighborhoods, some European countries took a "radical" approach and opened legal, government funded heroin clinics. 

Addicts are able to come in twice a day and inject free, pharmaceutical grade heroin. Since the addicts are no longer committing crimes to get their next fix, the crime rates plummeted. No need to rob and steal for drug money when the drugs are free , and very pure. Once the addict is "stabilized" they begin to wean them off of heroin, help them find jobs, expose them to health care etc. Many of them actually find jobs while still addicted to heroin. Their employers allow them to leave twice a day to inject at the clinic.

Taking the addicts out of the streets, taking away their incentive to commit crime and helping them get jobs has paid big dividends according to some countries.

They get the addicts out of the "dark shadows and back alleys". They address the addiction from the aspect of a social problem (like alcoholism) and not a criminal problem. The addicts come for the free heroin but are soon exposed to a whole host of public service programs that help them beat the addiction and become productive citizens.

Should we treat drug addiction like a social problem instead of a crime? What do you think....is the "European Approach" a bunch of bleeding heart junk...or a valid, realistic plan?

To learn what parts of the body addicts can inject drugs into click here.

To understand why heroin is so popular in the USA right now click here.

Chief Kyle J. Fittro

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