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Chiefteach.com Drug Education

This is the best "crash course" drug education website, program, video and blog available. This site will quickly take you from novice to "expert" in the world of drugs.

  • Do you know somebody that may be, or definitely is, using drugs of any type? 
  • Do you feel helpless to correct the problem?
  • Do you wish you understood modern drug trends/usage patterns/hiding places?
  • Do you want to possibly catch the person that denies drug usage?
  • Do you wish you understood why drug users behave they way they do?
  • Do you quickly need to go from novice to "expert" in regards to drug information?
  • Do you need high quality drug training for your employees?
  • Do you have children that are old enough to be involved in drugs? (Note: The #1 cause of death for young people in 16 states--and growing--is prescription pill overdose). 

If you aswered yes to any of these questions......

You want to watch the free, full 73 minute HD video, described by many as the best drug education video available. Simply click the full length video tab at the top of the page. Also, don't forget to check out over 30 free and unique drug related articles. Simply click the blog tab.

What this site is and why you will benefit from it.

My name is Kyle J. Fittro. I am the Former Chief of Police for a city in Ohio. I have spent years working drug related cases, studying drugs or being involved in drug cases in some way or another. I have personally been involved in approximately 1,000 felony drug cases and am fascinated by drugs, of all types.

As a result of this, I have been conducting very unique drug education presentations for over ten years.

After giving countless drug presentations to parents, teachers, coaches, counselors, health care workers and many other professionals.......I learned something. Almost all of them have very little true drug knowledge. They know the basics, but are shocked at how much they learn during this course. Many of the people that have attended my presentation claim it is the best/most interesting training, on any topic, they have ever received.

I placed this same presentation on video, built a website around it and added even more information in the form of a drug blog, helpful resources and drug charts. It is now accessible to all people, all the time. 

Why this site is the best. 

On the low end there are basic drug presentations that are suitable for eighth grade health class. On the high end there are outstanding seminars that require an entire day in a conference room setting.

This site is the best of all worlds. All content. No filler. A high end presentation and website that takes you from novice to "expert" in a few hours. All from the comfort of your own home.

What many have called the best drug education website available. 

About the full length video and blog.

This is the video version of my live presentation I described above. This is the video people routinely describe as..."The best I have ever seen"..."Phenomenal"..."This should be mandatory viewing for all parents" and "Second to none".

Every adult should watch this engaging and raw event that will hold your attention the whole time. If you can only watch one drug education video, this is the one!

Most of the full length video content, and site content in general, is designed for adults. Parents, please use parental discretion if allowing your children to watch the full length video or view overall site content.

See what everybody is talking about and watch for yourself.

Note: The blog is NOT a repeat/re-hash of the video. It currently contains over 30 unique articles (and growing) that I have personally written.

Kyle J. Fittro

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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